How to restart PMTA the right way?

PowerMTA is a high-volume, business-critical email message transfer agent (MTA). You can run PowerMTA on your own server or in the cloud like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

There are times when you want to restart PMTA service but don’t know what the right command to use. There’s nothing to worry about, it’s simple. Just run the following command:

service pmta restart

You should get following response:

Also, you should remember, when you make a change to configuration file, you will need to run these 2 commands for changes to take effect:

service pmta reload
service pmta restart

You should get following response:

Here you go!

Sending with PowerMTA is more reliable, scalable, and flexible than with any other MTA. The PowerMTA is ideal for sending high-volume, business-critical email.

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