PowerMTA (PMTA) Log Trace

Here is a simple way how you can set up a trace for one of the files located in the LOGS tab.

First, lets navigate to /pmta/ folder:

cd /var/log/pmta/ 

Now lets see what files are present in this folder:

ls -la 
PowerMTA Log Trace Terminal

Now lets add a trace by using tail -f

 tail -f acct-2022-03-29-0000.csv
 tail -f /var/log/pmta/acct-2022-03-29-0000.csv
 tail -f /var/log/pmta/acct-2022-03-30-0000.csv
 tail -f acct-2022-04-11-0000.csv

You will get output in your terminal window. It will populate 10 records at a time and will refresh them every 5-10 seconds

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