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Coffee as a Profitable Niche Market

Today we will evaluate a popular niche market and show you why it’s profitable and how it can be dominated. We’re talking about an $118 billion niche market where the average adult spends $1,000 a year on it. One in ten Americans say they simply cannot function without their daily cup of coffee.

That steaming cup of coffee that most people enjoy each day is a profitable and addictive niche. These people can’t say no to coffee and must buy it!

Coffee addicts spend a lot of money on luxury coffee brands from around the world. They buy expensive equipment like coffee machines, presses and grinders.

Why don’t you be the one to sell it to them?

Coffee Keywords

There are over 100,000 people searching for coffee beans every month and 1 million looking for coffee grinders.

This is just the tip of this $118 billion iceberg.

The reasons why you should consider getting involved in this $118 billion addictive market… Coffee is addictive.

Coffee is addictive.

People who drink it regularly cannot live without their morning fix. More and more coffee drinkers are looking for better coffee. Cheap instant coffee doesn’t cut it any more.

These people prefer premium brands roasted and brewed in their kitchen using the latest machines in order to get the highest quality.

People with such level of commitment to a simple beverage spend a good deal of money – around $1k each year.

You want to focus your efforts on niches with addicts and enthusiasts who spend money time and time again without question. There are over 810,754 coffee related products on Amazon, with most of them being expensive coffee machines and presses that you may want to promote.

Coffee Results on Amazon

Some of the coffee makers cost more than $3,000, and there are $700 models with more than 80 reviews.

Coffee is a very profitable niche.

There are over 300 products on Clickbank related to coffee with commissions of up to 75%, showing how lucrative this niche is for you.

The number of people liking coffee on Facebook has reached 3,208,820 – people love coffee and many of these people are willing to spend serious money on it if only someone like you will introduce them to it.

There are more than 7 million pages indexed on the subject, so you can easily find traffic and content ideas.

With over 180,000 members, there are at least five dedicated coffee forums you can use to network, market and promote your site.

You’re beginning to see just how lucrative this $118 billion niche is, right?

I never would have guessed that a simple little drink we all enjoy every day could provide such a lucrative niche.

Here’s How to Take Advantage Of This $118 Billion Niche

A niche like this would work great for an authority blog aimed at connoisseurs, product review mini-site evaluating a particular coffee machine, or price comparison site comparing different coffee presses and machines.

It’s an easy niche to break into because there are so many websites, blogs, forums, and social media groups related to the subject.

There are a lot of products on Amazon, Clickbank, and other retailers that range from cheap to expensive, so you can promote and make commissions by promoting them.

As people always need new filters and refills, repeat sales opportunities are endless.

Because of the huge online presence, finding your target audience is simple.

  • Promote your site on other blogs, forums, and social media groups.
  • Find common questions on the coffee-related forums and offer solutions through your content and products. Use popular content on other blogs as inspiration for your own.
  • By building an email list, you can continuously drive traffic back to your site and promote products while building a relationship.

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